Lora Salby

Artist profile

Visual artist specializing in oil on canvas and painting restoration. She lives and works in Belgium, Flanders. She considers herself an independent artist with great responsibility. Independence alone, without responsibility, may cause evil. In the life cycle of an ordinary man, there is no absolute definition of good or evil. Spring and winter, life and death are not necessarily opposing each other. This is the floating movement of matter, this is the passing of time. This is the wind that blows the pages of her diary, her drawings, and her paintings into a distant future.

Artist statement

Every human being goes through moments in life when things that happen cannot be described in words. For these moments we have paintings and music. These arts may influence us beyond the reach of words. Therefore, when at an exhibition a spectator asks me what I wanted to express with my painting I don’t know what to answer. All that I wanted to say has already been expressed in the language of painting. A painting does not need any translation, painting is an international language understood by all nations.


Period Institution
2019 Art academy in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
2013 Art academy in Waasmunster, Belgium
2003-2005 Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp - Specialized restoration training
2000 Print designer certification in Ghent, Belgium
1979-1983 Krasnodar Art School - Bachelor in Visual Arts

Exhibitions and works

Period Location
2016 Embassy of Russia in Rome, Italy
2014 Cultural Center of Budapest, Hungary
2013 Cultural Center of Russia in Luxembourg
2012 Cultural Center of Dendermonde, Belgium
2009 Lions international in Oslo, Norway
2007-2011 Gallery Fresco in Brussels, Belgium
2006 Laboratorium voor Architectuur in Middelburg, Netherlands
2006 U.Z. Gasthuisberg in Leuven, Belgium
2005 Belfort in Aalst, Belgium
2004 Gallery Hof ter Putten in Lede, Belgium
2003 Exhibition gallery Pieterpauwel in Dendermonde, Belgium
2002 Exhibition Cafmeyer gallery in Knokke, Belgium
2002 Libr’Art Salon International d’Art Contemporain in Libramont, Belgium
2000 Restoration of Royal Bruges Muncipal theathre - Koninklijke Stadschouwburg Brugge, Belgium